Cities of Orange County, CA

Orange County, CA, is a famous tourist destination for all people, regardless of their age or gender. Apart from drinking lattes, shopping, or driving along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), there are lots of fun things you can do at the cities of Orange County, California.


Between the amusement parks, beaches, dancing halls, history, food, weirdos and homemakers, there are a lot of fun activities you can explore in Orange county cities in California. Some of these fun activities will need to be paid while others are free. This article will explore some of the best fun things to do in different cities of Orange County, California.


Fun Things to do in Irvine, California 

California is known for its horrible traffic, but the city of Irvine is an exception. Irvine is one of the best-planned cities in the United States. It is a great weekend destination for families and corporate because it offers excellent museums, unique adventures, and parks. Here are some of the best fun things you can do with your kids in Irvine, CA:


  • Visit the Pretend City Children's Museum where your kids will enjoy and gain learning experiences  Here kids learn through using hands-on educational exhibits, learning programs, and role-playing. They are also taught to use their imagination to create things such as houses, animals, and space rockets.

  • Hike through the Quail hill with your canine friend -Listen to Grammy-Award winning artistes at Five-point Amphitheatre.

  • Pick strawberries, pumpkins, and melons at Tanaka farms, a 100% organic farm Irvine is one of the cities of Orange County, California, where you can enjoy endless fun activities throughout the day or night.


Top Fun Things to do in Anaheim city, California 

Anaheim city is widely known because of its Disneyland resort and other resort areas that are heavily patrolled and guarded. Everyone who visits Anaheim for the first time only wants to focus on Disneyland.  We also love Disneyland too, like them. However, Anaheim has more to provide to families and corporate than Disneyland! Disneyland is not the end of fun, by itself. Here are some of the top amazing fun things you can do in Anaheim beyond Disneyland: 

  • Your kids can learn at Vans Skatepark-if your little ones don't how to skate, let them learn some skills at this park -Experience the Swing it Trapeze lessons and be able to fly together with your family.

  • Catch a game at the Angel stadium-If you want to have a great evening or afternoon this is an excellent activity for you.

  • Watch a spectacular hockey action at the Honda center Anaheim is one of the most popular cities of Orange County, California, where people can explore Disneyland Park plus other exciting, fun activities.

Best Things to Do in Newport Beach, CA 

As the name suggests, Newport harbor is a famous destination for all boating activities including rowing, canoeing, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing. Sure, canals, yachts, and expensive cars are natural sceneries in Newport Beach, CA, but whales and patches of sand plus waves. Here are some of the top 7 fun things you can do in Newport Beach, CA:

  • You can watch the whales while exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean

  • Visit Balboa Island to gain a charming travel experience -If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you can enjoy miles of cycling and hiking trails

  • Spend a day at the breathtaking Newport Beach

  • Get yourself a frozen banana

  • Visit the inspiration point to enjoy vivid sunsets and incredible ocean views

  • Go to the Newport Bay Conservancy

  • Shop at the Fashion Land open-air mall.


Fun Things to do in Santa Ana, California 

Santa Ana is one of the cities of Orange County California that is known because of its amazing zoos full of monkeys. Here are some of the best fun activities you can do and see in Santa Ana, California:  

  • Take your kids to discovery Cube Orange County so that they can learn science concepts

  • Plan a half-day trip to the Bowers Museum

  • Visit the Attic community theatre to enjoy live performances by local artistes  


Exciting Things to do and see in Huntington Beach California 

Huntington Beach is one the best seaside cities of Orange County California. It is widely known because of its excellent surfing capabilities, beautiful sand beaches and mild climate. There are several fun activities that you can enjoy here in Huntington Beach, CA. From exploring the sunset Gondolas to basking in sandy beaches while taking selfies with your friends, Huntington is the best place to be during your upcoming vacation.


There are countless fun things you can do and see in different cities of Orange County, California. If you were stranded on what you need to do in your upcoming vacation in California, then this post will serve as your holiday planning guide. Cheers!         

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