Providing Trusted Pest Control & Termite Services Since 1999

Providing Trusted Pest Control & Termite Services Since 1999

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Pest Control Orange County

Are you in Orange County and dealing with pests taking over your house?  Well look no further, Strategic can come and clean them out. It takes just a short time to bring your home back to normal.  We specialize in cleaning the pests out. Our trained professionals understand the movement of pests and how to eradicate them quickly.  


Termite Control

Removing termites is important in saving your home. Termites live in colonies that need to be killed at the source. We have special equipment that will help us do just that. Our team of experts has had special training in how each and every pest operates. Understanding their feeding habits, sleeping habits and the way they move about allows us to easily, effectively and safely remove the pest. We offer a safe and effective solution to remove unwanted termites from your home. Learn more about our Termite Control Service in Orange County

Bed Bug

Have a Bed Bug infestation? We can help. If you think you have a case of bed bugs it is best to call Strategic right away. These bugs will breed quickly and soon you will have a much bigger problem! Bed bugs tend to stay in and around the bedding area and feed on your blood at night. Often times their bits are in a row along a vein and are pretty itchy. We use state-of-the-art technology to destroy these pest. Learn more about our Bed Bug extermination service


What about fleas? Call us to spray your house to make it bug-free. We only use chemicals that are safe for the home and pets. Our team sprays both the interior and exterior of your home making a barrier. Once we have completed the process we recommend that all pets get a flea bath to ensure the fleas are gone from them as well. Learn more about Pest Control for Fleas

Rodent Control

Is your home located in the Orange County area and dealing with unwanted rodents? Give us a call we will send our team out ASAP to get rid of the rodents. If you see one rodent most likely there are lots more where that one came from. Rodents are really good and keeping themselves hidden from people. They can carry disease and create one big mess with their droppings. Rodents love to chew, no doubt about it, so lets keep your house together by calling us right away. Learn more about Rodent Control

Spider Exterminator

Have a phobia of spiders and live in Orange County? Well, look no further we are ready to help. We specialize in spider extermination and will do it with ease. Our team of experts will take on just about any pest and help get your home back to being spider-free. Learn more about Spider Control in Orange County

Wasp Removal

Keep the little ones safe with our wasp and bee removal programs. Allergic to the stings? This is a great solution and you won't have to worry about a sting again on your property. This will make you enjoy your outdoor space again without the fear of being stung. Our crew of trained professionals will remove these nests safely and get your home safe again. Learn more about Wasp removal in Orange County

What Our Customers Have To Say

"Very nice people and easy to deal with. Thomas came to my home and quickly found access points to plug up. He also disinfected behind all appliances. I definitely recommend these guys."

- Ken


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If your bugs come back in between regular visits, we will return and treat for FREE. After two free re-service for the same guaranteed pest problem, if we don't have your pest under control then we will credit 100% of last full payment.


How  We Get Rid Of Common Local Pests

Our perimeter treatment gets rid of troublesome pests fast, and you won’t see a trace of them for a while after treatment.

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Why Strategic?

Our methods are tried and proven. We use only the highest-quality products and technology available so you can enjoy your home with peace of mind.

Our Mission

We responsibly protect your family and the environment. We believe we don’t just kill bugs; we make life easier, homes safer and businesses more productive.

Inspect -

We thoroughly inspect your home for current or potential pest infestations.

Treat -

We trap, catch, spray, or use whatever treatment is the most effective to get rid of a particular pest.

Reinforce -

We find entry points and re-seal your property to keep pests out.

Prevent -

We treat your property regularly to keep pests out and consult you on what works best for prevention.

Communicate -

We stay in touch between services and treatments to ensure there are no recurring issues or to answer any questions you may have.

Points of Services

Strategic Termite & Pest Control Orange County

Proudly Serving Orange County, Inland Empire & North Los Angeles, CA

Strategic Termite & Pest Control is a full-service pest management company. Our services are provided to residential homes, commercial businesses, health care facilities, public schools, colleges, food distribution warehouses and food processors, and many more types of businesses.




Wall Void Flush






Crack & Crevice


Food Storage


Drains & Plumbing




Building Exterior Foundation


Crack & Crevice


Windows & Overhang Areas


Landscaped Areas


Trash Receptacles


Entry Points


Baiting & Trapping for




Nest Removal & Prevention


Your home or business deserves a one-of-a-kind service.

Top Rated Termite and Pest Control Service.

Since 1999 our company has built a reputation of providing professional pest management solutions in a safe and effective manner to protect our customers' Home, Health and Property at reasonable prices, while providing the highest level of customer service possible.


Strategic Termite & Pest Control is a locally recognized company. We adhere to the highest possible standards in the Pest Control Industry from the services we provide, to the employees that we hire, to the types of products we use to provide your services.


Please explore the rest of our site to learn a little more about who we are and the types of services that a true Full Service Company offers. We think you will be surprised at just how much we do.

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