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Are you in need of ant control solution from a reliable seasoned pest control company? If so, you are in luck because Strategic exists to solve all your pest problems once and for all.


We are a service-based specialist company near you offering emergency pest fumigation services within hours. We are your first responders with a quick turnaround and guarantee that we will be at your doorstep within 24 hours from your call. Typically, we respond within this period regardless of the weather or anything else and will not delay further than forty-eight hours.


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Why Choose Strategic?

We have a special concoction made from the most environmentally friendly pesticides that will surgically remove your pest problem without causing excessive harm to other creatures, you and your loved ones. Additionally, we mind the odor left behind and we will make sure that you and your loved ones cannot notice or be harmed by pollutants that could degrade your indoor air quality. We clean up after so there are no stains and residue on the walls and clean up after the dead ants.


Ant control services you can trust

There are more ants on the planet than human beings. There are thousands of species of ants and termites alone. Ants have an appetite for dead wood. In nature, this is an vital process to degrade dead trees enriching the soil with nutrients to feed new trees. But when dead wood refers to structures and fixtures in your multi-million-dollar home, you are acting within the law to exterminate the intruders.


Not all ants eat wood some just like entering the kitchen to spread germs and contaminate food. Its accurate to say that all kinds of insects in the home are considered a nuisance. Poor sanitation does not always have to do with ant infestation.


Why is ant control so difficult?

You might have tried some mild chemicals to no avail. So, what makes it so difficult to repel ants away from your home? Here are some not so fun facts about ants that make them a formidable enemy that keep coming relentlessly.

  • Ants fit very thin cracks in pursuit of food and shelter

  • When one ant enters the home, other can follow the trail by tracing the scent

  • Ants can nest pretty well in difficult to reach places under a good shelter (you home)

  • Ants live in large colonies of up to half a million members and you cannot kill all of them unless you locate the nest

  • Colonies also migrate quickly when exposed to external threat.

  • In the center of the colony is the queen which gives rise to more ants with ant colonies living up to 15 years

  • Killing only the ants around your kitchen with DIY solutions is not effective as there are hundreds of thousands more and the ones you kill will easily be replaced overnight!


Our solution to the ant’s problem

The key to winning the war against ant colonies in your home is destroying their camps around your home. Strategic applies a special foundation barrier on the periphery of the area you want to protect so that no ants are tunneling into you home in the first place. Total ant removal is achieved by placing landscape barriers and treating all areas where ants like to hand out in your backyard and fence.

You can still l use your rooms the same day after fumigation because our formula is not dangerous to humans, and your pets. We only target the destructive unwelcome guests in your house namely ants and other unwanted insects.

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