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A single pregnant female bed bug can infest your bed with more than 300 adult bugs, and 1000 new eggs in as little as three months.

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Bed bugs are pesky little creature that can make your life miserable if you don’t treat them immediately. If you end up missing out a single pregnant female bed bug, your bed can be re-infested with more than 300 adult bugs, and 1000 new eggs in as litte as three months.


Bed Bug Control and Removal Services

Bed bugs are pesky and incredibly troublesome household insects. They are not just sneaky or difficult to locate, but they are also pose major health threats to both you and your family. And this is exactly why you need to call a Strategic's pest control service.

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Powered by the latest state-of-the-art technologies, Strategic is an experienced bed bug removal company. With their high-end equipment and equally viable products, they are armed to locate, manage and solve your bed issue. Since we offer strategic responses to your bed bug issue, you are finally provided with the highest degree of protection.


Inspection and Treatment of Active Infestation

For the untrained eye, locating a bed bug infestation can be extremely difficult. If, however, you end up locating them, treating the issue with DIY home remedies or over-the-counter products can prove to be absolutely ineffective. Since Strategic is very experienced in destroying bed bugs, you can always count on our experts for delivering top notch services.


We use a specialized A.I.M protection process for assessing your home, implementing a fitting solution and eventually monitoring all activities to ensure that our efforts have indeed turned out to be effective. At the end of the day, you get just the kind of peace of mind you need.


Ongoing Services for Bed Bug Detection

As previously mentioned, bed bugs multiply really fast, and within as less as six months, they can turn out to lead serious and severe infestations. Detecting them is therefore critical to break their cycle before they evolve into a greater problem. At Strategic, we get to the root of your bed bug infestation issue with our highly targeted inspection of the common bed bug. What’s more, we also monitor effectively to ensure these pests never return to your homes.


The Process

Step 1: Assessment Inspection - If you know for certain about bed bugs infesting your homes and have relevant evidence, our Strategic specialist will immediately reach out to you and get your home inspected. While bed bugs can be sneaky and difficult to locate, our experts at Strategic are trained enough to pinpoint the exact evidence every time they are around. Upon our first visit we will check your entire home including your bed, all pieces of furniture, linens, curtains and rugs. We will list the target areas and conduct an thorough inspection. If needed, we will also use tools for checking the cracks and crevices. Our specialists usually start from your bedroom, before finally working their way through other parts of your home.


Step 2: Implementation - Right after inspecting and assessing the situation in your homes, your specialist at Strategic will suggest the most relevant course of action. If our inspection does indeed confirm an infestation of any sort, our experts will come up with a treatment plan depending on the severity of the issue. We use the best tools and the highest grades of technology to address the cause of infestation and treat your bed bug issue accordingly. Our implementation methods don’t just target the bed bugs, but they also target the larvae and get rid of it right away. This in turn prevents the bugs from maturing, breeding and eventually biting you.


Step 3: Monitoring - Bed bugs are pretty difficult to get rid of, so our specialist at Strategic will conduct several follow-up visits to ensure the final effectiveness of the treatment plan conduced by our team. We will also document the visit and suggest you about the possible next steps.


What Can you Expect from Strategic Bed Bug Service?

At Strategic with our bed bug services, you can expect complete eradication of bed bugs with our A.I.M protection mode, and highly developed technology. We will not just inspect your home or implement the solutions, but we will also track all potential issues rising from bed bugs. Our team can surely protect your homes with our effective plans tailored for your individual needs. So contact us right away for the best bed bug protection services.

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