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How To Know If You Have Termites

Do you have Termites problems in your Home? Here is How to Know!

Termites are indisputably one of the most resilient and hardworking insects there is. Their hardworking and resilient nature not only increases their survival capabilities but also makes them a huge problem for humans.


The United States alone records millions of losses from termite damages every single year. The best way of minimizing or completely doing away with such damages is by detecting their presence early before they start destroying your home or place of business.

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How To Prevent Termites

How to Check for Termites in the Home

In most cases of natural disasters reported in the United States, Termites cause dollars of damage every year to homes. Homeowners can guard their homes to reduce future problems. They can identify termite infestation early enough before they become serious. Residents are capable of catching the pest activity sooner when the inspection is carefully done. The common signs of termite infestation include shelter tubes, Flying swarmers, and wood damage.

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Termite Treatments

Types of Termite Treatments

Termites can be a nuisance to homeowners, business proprietors, and property managers in equal measure. Not only that they are unsightly but also they can cause immense damage to wooden structures and cardboard to the tune of millions of dollars within a short span of time. Many people think that there are a small number of termites in their premise or the problem is seasonal rather than an all year round problem. That is not the case. Termites live in larger colonies of up to several hundred thousand members.

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How To Prevent Termite Structural Damage

In property damage, there are tons of dollars lost as a result of termites’ infestation. This is not covered under the homeowner’s standard insurance policy. The infestations normally are not noticeable before the damage signs that are obvious shows up.

The common structural components in a house that termites can damage include floors, posts, support beams, wall studs, ceiling joists, floor joists, roof supports, attics, drywall or sheetrock, and even the foundation.

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Termite Life Cycle

Termites, insects that are barely visible to the naked eyes, have some really fascinating facts. Hailing from the order of roaches known as the Blattodea, there are over 2600 species of termites found around the world. Although confused as white ants, termites are actually related to cockroaches. Known as the "Silent destructors," they possess the ability to chew through wood and flooring undetected.

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