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At Strategic, we are driven by the goal to keep your home or business completely free of pest infestations. If you think your house is being invaded by cockroaches, we suggest you to call Strategic right away.  We have a team of cockroach exterminator specialists who will be at your site within 24 to 48 hours. Right after that, we will identify the cockroaches and treat your property from those pesky little pests.


Powered by the iCAP technology, our insecticides will penetrate through the most difficult crevices to locate cockroaches and eventually kill them. Every aspect of our pest cleaning services will help you reclaim your property from these disgusting pests.


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What are Cockroaches Like?

Measuring about 50 mm in length, cockroaches are wasps with six legs, two antennae, and wings. Do note that all cockroaches do not have wings. However, the ones who have them aren’t adept at flying.


How Strategic Can Help?

At Strategic, we are dedicated to keep your homes pest free. Our team of competent experts will design a unique program tailored for your situation. This in turn will ensure that your home is completely cockroach free. We understand that keeping these roaches away from your property isn’t a one-time process. So, we follow three different steps to carry out this process.


First, we assess the condition of your home. Right after that, we implement a proper solution, and finally we monitor your home to ensure that the issue is prevented in the long run.


How Did my Property Get Cockroaches?

Usually, your home is likely to be infested by cockroaches due to poor housekeeping. That said, there are other pertinent reasons for the infestation. For instance, some of these pests get into your homes from the cracks in the exteriors of your house, while others enter through sewer pipes. There is also a third kind of roach that enters your house while being attracted to lights.


Is Cockroach Infestation a Serious Issue?

Cockroaches are not merely a common pest, but they are also the most stubborn ones. So, if your house is infested by them, it will be difficult to control the situation as these insects comfortably hide in a wide range of areas. They also breed really fast and eventually develop a strong resistance to pesticides. Since cockroaches can taint your food with salmonella bacteria and E. coli virus, it isn’t safe to overlook them. What’s more, exposure to their feces can even trigger asthma and allergies.


How Long does It Take to Treat Cockroach Infestation?

The time taken to treat cockroach infestation usually depends on the species and the extent of infestation. Homeowners often use over-the-counter items to treat this, but they are not very effective. Since these pests are highly adaptable they might also be resistant to certain methods of extermination.


Reproduction and Life Cycle

Cockroaches usually go through an egg and nymphal stage before they become adults. The eggs developed by female roaches are kept in resilient egg cases called the oothecae. This oothecae in turn contains a wide range of nymphs which are dependent on these species. The time taken for the eggs to hatch depend on the type and kind of species.



Like we already mentioned, the female cockroach will produce an egg case called the oothecae. This oothecae stores multiple eggs and is enclosed by a protein like substance which eventually hardens into a strong casing. While some species of cockroach drop this egg case, there are others that carry it till the eggs are ready for hatching.



Cockroach eggs usually hatch because of the pressure enforced by the hatchlings within the eggs. After emerging from the egg case, the immature form of these wasps is called nymph. Nymphs can be best defined as bright white baby cockroaches. They eventually increase in size by taking in air. It is this air which also gives them a dark hue. Cockroach nymphs assume a greyish brown hue and eventually darken with progressive molts. Their development to adult can range from few months to years.



Post completion of the nymph stage, adult cockroaches enter the picture. These species are just a larger variant of the nymphs. That said, there are certain species of these cockroaches, like the Madagascar hissing cockroach, that doesn’t have wings even in adulthood.

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