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How Did I Get Crickets?

 Crickets are small, so they can get in through tiny openings in your home. One main reason why you have crickets trying to get in your home is because of your bright outdoor lighting. Heavy outdoor lighting can attract crickets. Crickets will be attractive to lights, thus if you can light the house during the night with a strong lamp, this will lure them to your house.

How Serious Are Crickets?

If crickets get inside, they are more of a nuisance than a serious problem. These pests can chirp and are nocturnal to one another throughout the night, this creates conditions which are poorly suited for a good night’s sleep.


Crickets are destructive in the presence of agricultural communities, as they can feed on seedlings and crops at night. They will infest in large numbers and other species will be feeding on fabrics hence ruin clothes. They are normally feeding on seeds, roots, or leaves of young seedlings. As a result of the attack, the seed dies up or fail to germinate. Crickets can also feed on leaves. They make irregular longitudinal exit holes. They also cut the central portions of leaf blades leaving the midrib only.


Signs of cricket Infestation

Possible signs of a cricket infestation include Agricultural damage, due to their herbivorous feeding behavior, crickets cause considerable losses in vegetable production. Sightings of these insects, it is not easy to see them since they are nocturnal insects


How Do I Get Rid of Crickets?

You can use pesticides in eliminating indoor crickets, however, these insects will not respond well to this kind of treatment. But, sticky boards when placed at the back of refrigerators or near sources of water will help in trapping crickets safely. You can also simply crush the crickets you come across in your house or throw them outdoors.


What Strategic Does

Your local Strategic technician is well trained to assist in managing of crickets and other similar pests. Because every home or building is different, your Strategic technician is capable of designing a unique program tailored to your situation.

Strategic will provide the right solution that will keep crickets in their place and out of your business or home. Identifying the type of cricket is critical to treatment. Since crickets cannot harm people, you certainly will want them to be handled by a professional pest control company like strategic.


Behavior, Diet, & Habits

Crickets renew soil minerals by breaking down plant and animal-based materials. They also provide food for other animals, including Birds, Lizards, and Rodents


What Do They Eat?

These pests are omnivorous, meaning that they will eat: Crops, Plant and animal-based materials, and Seedlings.


Where Do They Live?

Most of the cricket like damp and moist conditions. Residents may notice these insects in different places including Bathrooms, Basements, Crawl spaces, under logs and rocks


Your world is your family, your life, your health, and your home. Insects are as important as any other animals in the world, it becomes a pest when it begins to plague your home and do harm in your own world. When this happens, it is best to take immediate action.


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