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Flea infestations happen even in the cleanest of homes.  If you have pets, there is a good chance at some point, you'll have fleas.  Fleas are picked up when outside and live on their hosts, which typically are your pets, feeding off their blood. 


They will also bite humans from time to time and these bites can not only cause allergic reactions but can carry disease as well.  In fact, this is actually on the rise as according to the CDC from 2004 to 2016 the number of diseases seen due to flea bits has tripled.  

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Why Choose Strategic?

Fleas are next to impossible to get rid of on your own. This is mainly due to the fact that their larva is impossible to kill.  However, our professional treatments carry something rather powerful that will affect the way the fleas breed and weaken the larva.  This is the secret weapon that allows us to conquer even the worst of flea infestations. The complexity of the fleas lifestyle doesn't help matters either.

Getting rid of Fleas

Their life cycle, habits, and abilities are a tough one to crack without experience. In order for us to eradicate them, we must treat everyone and everything involved with the infestation.  This will mean that pets will have to have extensive bathing treatments. Their beds will have to be treated as well as the entire home. Focusing on where the fleas are most will help us eliminate them from coming back.  


Not only is the interior of the home infested but most likely the yard is as well.  The yard will have to be treated in order for the fleas to not come back. Once the fleas are eliminated preventive measures should be taken to ensure they don't come back.  Preventing fleas is far easier and less costly than dealing with an infestation.


Signs you may have fleas:

The first pretty obvious one is seeing them on a pet.  Inspect your pets often, they like to hang out under collars and at the crooks of the shoulders and hind legs.  Watch for pet's scratching more than normal as well. You may wake up with bites all over, be sure to consult a doctor as there are many reasons for raised itchy bumps, however, flea bites are very itchy to most people.


You may see the fecal matter all over your pet's bed.  "Flea dirt" as it is called looks like finely ground black pepper and can be seen in pet beds as well as carpets and floors.  Another sign is seeing them jumping around and trying to land on the "host" which is your pet or you. This happens especially when you and your pets have been gone for a few days and return home.  As the adult fleas are hungry and looking for a meal.


Flea eggs are another sign to look for.  These often can be found in a pet's bed they fall off or behind a couch, in the cracks of the floor.  They are typically planted in places that are out of the way. But, if they were on your pet, the pet will spread them throughout the environment.  This is a flea's way of spreading their species.


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