Fun Things to do in Orange County, CA

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Orange County, California, you may find yourself stumped by the high number of options to pick from. However, if you’re not able to answer the “What do we do next?” question without skipping a beat, you’re likely setting yourself up to waste valuable time and even money due to your indecision.  

Having a clearly-defined plan, or itinerary, for your next (any) trip is by far the most effective way to enjoy the attractions that Orange County has to offer. In this short guide, we’ll try to mitigate some of the potential effects of decision paralysis by highlighting some of the uniquely fun things to in Orange County, California.

Newport Beach

You can’t talk about the fun things to do in Orange County, California, without mentioning its beaches. In fact, Orange County is most often recognized for its miles and miles of beaches. Rather than talking about them as a collective, however, we’ll single out Newport Beach as one of the beaches that offers the most bang for your buck.

From awesome surfing waves to luxurious living and dining, the people of Newport Beach have somehow figured it all out to make it work for everyone.

Some of the unique attractions you should definitely check out include the impressive whale watching tours, a visit to Newport Beach’s most famous man-made island: Balboa Island, and a walk through Crystal Cove State Park where you can even reserve a campsite to spend the night.

Taco Maria

We all know that life without tacos, is like no life at all but, thankfully, we have Taco Maria which is one of Orange County’s top Mexican food spot in the state. To understand why a Mexican restaurant would make this list you only have to consider the following verified facts:

  • Vegetarian AND vegan friendly.

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff with fast service.

  • Very upscale appearance yet has a casual vibe.

  • A wide selection of typical and original Mexican dishes, including 5 types of tacos: ALL GREAT!


A mix of Mexican culinary sophistication and impressive atmosphere provide a deliciously satisfying and memorable experience.


Disneyland Orange County

It’s Disneyland; need we say more? Why yes, of course! Whenever Disneyland comes up, it tends to conjure up images of a very expensive amusement park with never-ending lines. However, when you stack up the immense amount of features with the very best attraction designs in the word, you realize why the franchise has remained so dominant and still keeps growing after so many decades.

Quite simply, Disneyland stands head and shoulders above its competition. From classical features like the Sleeping Beauty castle and Pirates of the Caribbean to the futuristic Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland offers its guests an unimaginably satisfying experience you and your whole family.


As you can see, Orange County has a lot more to offer its residents and guests besides the amazing beaches (just make sure you do visit the beaches!) and all the international food restaurants you can imagine. However, planning your trip wisely will help you create meaningful moments that can last a lifetime.

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