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Getting rid of Rodents

Rodents are very adaptable creatures which makes them hard to eliminate.  They reproduce at an extremely fast rate and can cause a lot of damage to a building in no time.  They can cause havoc in local agricultural settings as well. And, they carry all sorts of diseases that are actually hazardous to humans.  


Many species will feed on seeds and grains. Their feet will carry their fecal matter as well as droppings will be spread and found throughout the home.  They are great hosts for fleas as well. Which can compound the infestation even further? Many times if a home is contaminated with rodents, it is also full of fleas.  Getting the rodents out is the first plan of attack.

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Why Choose Strategic?

Fleas and rodents both carry all kinds of diseases that affect humans.  And, with Rodents often times there are fleas as well. Since rodents roam wherever they'd like and are often outside it is no surprise.


Rodent Infestation Happens Quickly

Rodent infestations happen quickly.  One mouse can turn into a whole infection overnight.  And, a homeowner is not equipped properly to treat infections.  This is the job of an experienced exterminator. Getting these infestations under control quickly is important before the infestation goes to an entirely new level.  Rodents breed quickly and have many young at one time. This means that they spread and infest rapidly with ease. Our professional exterminators will help you get this infestation under control and eliminated.  We will also offer to help prevent future infestations as well.


There are many "do it yourself" things that homeowners have in their arsenal.  Putting out mothballs, essential oils and such to keep the rodents away can help, but these will not help at an infestation level.  


Trained Rodent Exterminators

Rodents are tricky animals.  And, that's why a professional is needed.  Strategic's professionals are trained in how rodents live, eat, sleep and survive.  Understanding the rodents and thinking like them helps our teams to be experts at catching them and eliminated them with ease.  


If you have a rodent infestation give us a call.  We will gladly come out and safely eliminate the rodent problem  We have worked with both residential customers as well and Commercial clients.  We are professional exterminators that want you to get your buildings back.

Rodent infestation can happen to anyone.  Rodents do not care if you have the cleanest and most well-maintained home on the block.  They have found a source of food in your building and are going to take it over. This is why it is important to keep all food up and off of counters and other areas that can easily get into.  Having all food in containers that don't allow them to have easy access will help as well.

Rodent and Flea Problems

Please, if you see the rodents do not try to handle them.  These are wild animals that will bite if they feel threatened.  They will not make good pets and could be covered in fleas.


Fleas are often secondary pest problems to rodent infestation.  Once the rodents are eliminated we can work on getting rid of the flea issue as well.  We have professional sprays that will not only attack the adult fleas but will cripple their reproductive cycle, getting them under control and gone in no time.  Give Strategic a call today.

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