Spiders can enter a home through various points, our pest control service specialists offer in-depth house inspections and are able to identify all possible entry points such as loose screens on windows or cracks beneath doors.

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Are you tired of spider infestations in and around your homes? Are you looking for a surefire way to get rid of them? If your answers are yes, Strategic Termite & Pest Control can help.


At Strategic, we have a team of specialists who can effectively treat your homes from spider infestation with our human and pet safe treatments. We use a state-of-art technology to roll out a substance that sticks to their cuticle and eventually kills them.


With Strategic's premium pest control services, you can rest assured that we will get rid of any spider infestation or any other pest problem at your home or business.  So, if you see a spider, all you have to do is contact us at Strategic Termite & Pest Control.  We offer 24 hour emergency services and we will reach you as soon as possible! If we can't make it on site within 24 hours, we guarantee that we will be there within 48 hours.

How do Spiders Get in Your House?

Like all other pests, spiders end up in your homes, uninvited. In most cases, they stay for too long and you’d need a professional exterminator to deal with them.


Spiders can enter your homes through various points, and we can treat this issue with our effective pest control services. We conduct a detailed inspection to locate all the possible entry points of spiders including loose screens, window cracks, and small holes beneath the door. Right after that, we use our state-of-the art treatments to kill these pests and keep your home spider free.

Is Spider Infestation a Serious Issue?

While most spiders do not really pose any threat, certain species can be dangerous with their venomous bites. In America, two common venomous spiders include the brown recluse and the black widow. The brown recluse can be identified by its violin shaped marks along the top of the cephalothorax, while a black widow can be distinguished by its hourglass shape along the side of its pitch-black abdomen.


How Strategic Helps You

At Strategic Termite & Pest Control, we have a team of professional experts who are capable of managing spiders and multiple other pests. Our experts will visit your home, inspect it and come up with a personalized solution that meets the unique requirements of your homes or yards.


We understand that treating your home from spider infestations isn’t a one-time process. Due to this reason, we conduct three critical steps to handle the issue.


First we visit your property and assess the extent of the problem. The second step, we implement our solution to treat your homes of spider infestations. Finally, we monitor your homes thereby ensuring that such infestations are prevented in the long run. At Strategic, we are driven to provide the best solutions that keeps your home completely spider free.


Behavior, Diet and Habits

Some spiders prefer staying in moisture and are usually found along the basements, crawl spots and other damp areas of your property. Alternatively, there are other spiders who prefer staying in the warm areas like the air vent of your subfloors, the upper corner of your rooms, the dry spots of your attics and so on.


More than thousands of spiders have been identified across the globe, and some of them have proved to be extremely lethal. You can identify a spider with their eight legs and two different body segments. Almost all of them also come with four pair of eyes. While most spiders do not have sharp vision, certain species like the jumping spider have an excellent vision.


Food Habits

Most spiders usually thrive on insects, smaller spiders and every other prey they chance upon. Since they do not have any mouth parts for chewing, spiders utilize their digestive enzymes in the saliva to break their prey down before they devour it.

Since their gut is too narrow for consuming large food particles, spiders usually thrive on small insects. Almost all spider species have been found to be predators, but there are know species of spiders that do feed on plants. 



Most female spiders produce egg sacs and spider-lings emerge from it. These baby spiders then go through a range of molts before finally becoming adults. It has been observed that most male spider species court their females. But when the time comes for mating, it often turns out to be a dangerous issue for the males. This is primarily because they can be devoured by the females later on. Certain spider species prefer living in burrows instead of webs. But there are also free ranging species that

usually live in small holes and crevices.

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