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At Strategic, we are driven by the goal to keep your home or business completely free of pest infestations. This means, we protect your home from termites and any other wood destroying insect. Since the presence of termites are incredibly prevalent everywhere, we offer termite inspection and control services along with our regular pest control services. Every year termites result in billions of dollars of damage in the US. And this is exactly why we’re here to help you battle out your termite infestation issues.


In California, termites are usually seen swarming around during the Spring. But they are still a year-round threat. So, if you see any specie like flying ants on the foundation of your building, chances are, you are dealing with a termite infestation issue in your property.


The simplest way to keep termites away from your property is by:

  • Being vigilant.

  • Conducting annual inspections.

  • Having a pest-control plan/service that protects your home/business from possible threats of termite infestation.

If you’re stuck in a situation like this, Strategic can help you out! We offer annual termite inspection services and termite control treatment solutions at nominal rates. Simply call us today to protect your property against the infestation of termites.


How we Treat Termites?



Termites are eusocial insects that belong the epifamily of termitoidae, the same family as cockroach.



These species primarily feed on dead plant-based materials usually in the form of leaf litters, mud, dirt, wood, or animal dung. In the subtropical and tropical regions, they are widely popular as detritivores.


In California, you will find three major species of these termites:

  • Subterranean termites who build their nests in mud.

  • Dampwood termites who build their nests in moist mud and wood.

  • Drywood termites that make nests right above the ground in dry woods.


Where can Termites Get In?

Termites can practically get in everywhere. Since they can fly and build nests both under and above the soil, you will find them in almost every damp spot that may or may not have wooden substructures.


How to Keep Them Out. 

  • Make a barrier of 12 inches made of smooth concrete/sand. Keep it between the soil and the substructure of the wood under the building.

  • Pick termite resistant wood for building your fences.

  • Get rid of wood piles and unchecked fence posts.

  • Give your substructures their required dose of ventilation.

  • Fix all foundation cracks.

  • Destroy the shelter tubes that have been built by subterranean termites.

  • If you find the nests of dampwood termites, get rid of the infested wood right away.

  • Control the drywood termites with heat, extreme cold or electricity.


You can also seek professional help for termite infestation. Remember, only the licensed pesticides from pest control companies can prevent the infestation of termites.


Professional Method of Extermination

Strategic Termite and Pest Control services uses safe and effective techniques to treat your home from termite infestation issue. We assess the degree of infestation, before finally sending a professional expert who can deal with the issue with absolute competence.


Local Precision Treatment

We use this method when the termites haven’t yet reached those areas of your home that are inaccessible. This treatment involves using chemicals and liquids, where the infested areas of your home are drilled and then treated with these products.


Foam Treatment

This method is practiced when the termites have already reached the narrow, inaccessible corners of your home. This method too involves chemical and foam.


Premium Foam Treatment

This treatment is more a combination of your local precision treatment and the regular foam treatment.


Subterranean Treatment

Offered as both local and home treatments, this method depends on the type of foundation of your home. If your home is infested along the crawl spaces, then the entire perimeter will be treated. If, however, the exteriors of your home are infested, the treatment is conducted via drilling or trenching.



As a part of this treatment, your entire house will be wrapped in a big tarp, which is filled with a fumigant gas that’s used for circulating along the entire structure with fans. The tent is wrapped around your property for 24 hours, after which it is completely removed, and the owner can re-enter it. This treatment is widely sought for because it kills drywood termites at every single stage of the life cycle, without leaving any residual on the wood.

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